WAKING UP TO A WIDER AWARENESS – A One-Day Workshop with Eileen Lynch & Frank Dorr

Although most of us know that our planet is facing a crisis, we often find it too overwhelming, or too painful, to face that reality fully. But love can overcome many obstacles and if we can open our hearts to the earth, in awe and gratitude and love, we may find ourselves seeing our world and its people with new eyes and opening ourselves to a fuller awareness of what is happening. And that in turn can help us to find a heartfelt way of responding.

So this workshop starts by helping us to open our eyes and our hearts and our minds to the wonder and beauty of the universe, and of the tiny island of life we call earth. The joy and love that that can bring may give us the strength to face the damage we are inflicting on each other and on the web of life.

The workshop speaks mainly to the heart and to the imagination. It uses slides, lots of film clips, and some movement, poetry and songs, along with opportunities for sharing of thoughts and feelings. It aims to be enjoyable and to build a sense that with the support of others we can face the painful reality of what is happening and find what each of us can do to protect our beautiful earth for the children we cherish.


Frank Dorr & Eileen Lynch have been at the heart of the SHEP/Pairc a’Tobair Earth Initiative since it began.  They are both highly experienced facilitators, having been staff-members of SHEP and trainers with SHEP for many years. They developed the short course ‘Caring About a Small Blue Planet’ some years ago, and have since facilitated this as well as day-long ‘Expanding Awareness’ workshops in various settings.

When: Sat.  9th March 2019. 10.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.

Where: The Granary, Bessborough

Cost:    Free of charge