Reflective Practice for Practitioners

SHEP’s work in facilitating Reflective Practice is part of our broader intention to support practitioners and the systems they work in. It is a Continuing Personal and Professional Development

Next Courses – Early 2022

Through on-going support from Bon Secours Community Initiative fund, we will be offering a number of Critical Reflection reflective practice course s to commence in early 2022. For the moment, expressions of interest can be emailed to or or enquire to 021 4666180.

We have left the 2021 material available below for reference until the 2022 material is available in November 2021.

Reflective Practice for Practitioners Brochure & Application Form 2021 (for reference)

SHEP Reflective Practice courses are  open-access and stand-alone courses. They are  designed to create a place to reflect on practice for people active in their communities who have a commitment to enabling social change and working towards a socially just and inclusive world. Participants share in the creation of a space that facilitates an exploration of the assumptions, values, beliefs and feelings that underpin participants’ ways of being active in their respective settings. This course entails 30 contact hours through group time – approximately 9 or 10 sessions (approximately once per month) over a number of  months, tailored as appropriate.

These Reflective Practice Groups will be of interest to a wide range of practitioners, (volunteers or paid) involved in various roles in communities, community and voluntary sector organisations and groups, service organisations or social service agencies (e.g. education, youth and community work, social work, childcare, health-care etc).


This SHEP CPD programme is underpinned by SHEP’s philosophy that self-awareness and self-knowledge, when combined with a commitment to community action, is the basis for personal and social transformation. The programme reflects SHEP’s philosophy that adults continue to learn throughout their life and that life and practice experience is an invaluable source for that learning. It is inspired by SHEP’s commitment to equality, social justice, social transformation and the contribution that group spaces can create for learning.

Learning Outcomes

Participants who complete any course on this programme will be able to:

  1. Better reflect on their practice at work.
  2. Participate in the co-creation of a group reflective practice space.
  3. Adopt a facilitative stance that enables groups to co-create the conditions for an effective reflective practice space.
  4. Write reflectively about their practice and their reflective learning processes.
  5. Draw up a personal plan as to how they will support themselves in their practice.


This programme is primarily experiential. There will be  limited formal teaching and a small amount of guided reading.  The majorityh of the refelctive practice groups are run using the ‘Critical Reflection’ Model (Fook & Gardner, 2007). Some are run drawing on Theory U .

Entry requirements

Candidates must:

  • Demonstrate an interest in learning about and practising reflective processes.
  • Have a willingness to be open in a group setting, sufficient for a process of reflection on the assumptions, values and feelings underpinning their activity, and
  • Have a strong commitment to promoting social change, equality and justice.


A SHEP Certificate in Reflective Practice for Practitioners will be awarded where an 80% attendance record is achieved. There will be no formal assessment in the programme. Participants will be required to complete and submit a short written reflective journal of key learning at the end of the programme.

What some past participants have said:

‘It was wonderful to engage with fellow professionals and participate in their struggles alongside my own. This was positive and life affirming as well as contributing greatly to the learning of how to be reflective in my practice.’

‘This course provided me with the space to take time out from day-to-day craziness of work to genuinely reflect and think about what is important – really enjoyed it and benefited from it personally and professionally.’

‘This course allowed me to go into a heart space which is often neglected and ignored in the heady obligations of my working life.’

Next Courses – Early 2022