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Each year SHEP offers a spring and autumn programme of short training courses and workshops intended for core training course participants and graduates, members of the Association of Friends, and specialised practitioners. These offer further opportunities for personal development work, for development of social awareness and understanding of social justice, and for the refreshment or enhancement of facilitation skills.

SHEP’s On-going Development Programme

Autumn 2018

Coming Home – A Personal Journey Through Somatic Movement, Embodied Anatomy And Authentic Movement   an  8- week course with Clair Lalor

To know the body is to go beyond the body…

“Through embodiment we get in touch with nature itself and our human nature.  This is a chance to have time and space to explore ourselves, our relationship with our bodies, emotions and thoughts, who we are living in a human body.  I will be presenting exercises from somatic movement (looking at and embodying our physical anatomy), from Yoga, Origins, trauma work and embryology. We will explore the natural development from embryo to crawling to standing to re invigorate the basic nerve patterns which underpin our movement through life.  This has the effect of invigorating the alignment of the nervous system.  Through tracking, sensing, with our capacity to be curious and compassionate towards our perceptions, we have the opportunity to open our awareness to what is, and anchor and integrate our experiences.   We will finish with exercises from Authentic Movement, a practice of mover and witness.”

Clair Lalor is a somatic movement educator and therapist, a yoga teacher (BWY), SHEP tutor and trainer, sensorimotor trauma therapist, and shiatsu therapist. She is also a psychotherapist.


When:                         Mondays 7.30 p.m. – 10.00 p.m.  8 weeks.

Begins  Monday 22nd October 2018.

 Where:            Training Room 2, SHEP Centre, Ballincollig

 Cost:                €85


Mindfulness / Meditation with a Creative Component  an 8-week course with  Julie Kelleher

 “Many of us want to slow down and experience greater ease, but often find that doing this is not so easy. Mindfulness is a simple practice that connects us to our natural sense of presence. It helps us come to our senses in a very real way and live more fully in the present moment.” Mary O’Callaghan

As well as being introduced to and practising meditation which is the focus of this eight week course, participants will also be invited to engage with a variety of art materials as a mindfulness exercise.

The art activities will range from observation drawing to working with colour and simple forms using clay.

As humans it is in our nature to make marks and to create yet we give ourselves little time for this enriching experience.  All are welcome, no prior experience of art or mindfulness is necessary.

Julie Kelleher is a very experienced leader of mindfulness meditation practice groups and as well as being a practising artist, has facilitated many different people in the development of their creative expression.

When:                         Tuesdays 7.00 p.m. – 8.30 p.m.  8 weeks.

Starts Tuesday 30th October 2018

Where:            Training Room 1, SHEP Centre, Ballincollig

 Cost:                €55

Using our Energy,  Risk and Fun in the Practice of Playback’ an 8-week course with Kieran Ryan

 “Play is the highest form of research.”  Albert Einstein

Energy, risk and fun are closely linked.  Life requires a little of each, and experiencing any two usually leads to an increase of the third.  In this 8-week course, we plan that the group will experience all three, and have a lot of laughter along the way.

Participants in Playback tell stories from their lives and watch them coming to life on the spot.

Kieran Ryan, SHEP’s Playback Theatre leader, has been leading workshops in Play Acting and Playback and Clowning since 2005 in SHEP and has contributed to Specialised Tutor Training in SHEP.

When:             8 Wednesday nights 7.30 p.m. – 10.00 p.m.

Begins on Wed. 31st October 2018

Where:            The Granary, Bessborough

Cost:               €85