Certificate Level 6 – Minor Award

Diploma Level 7 – Minor Award

This two year part-time course will commence again in UCC in September 2019.

The programme is offered every  two years: the current group will complete their programme in Summer 2019

The Diploma in Social and Psychological Health Studies (formerly the Diploma in Social and Personal Health Psychology) has run successfully on seven separate occasions since it was first launched. This fully modularised course is offered through UCC’s Centre for Continuing Adult Education under the academic leadership of the Department of Applied Social Studies and the Department of Psychology. The majority of  the course lecturers are SHEP personnel.

Programme Aims and Objectives

This course is for practitioners involved in the facilitation of various aspects of personal and social development in the community. Its particular aim is to provide those whose practice training has either been through structured experiential learning or through processes of apprenticeship with an understanding of the principal theoretical positions that shape contemporary academic discourses within their respective fields of work.  It is intended that those who participate in this course will emerge as reflexive agents who are able to theorise, evaluate and be intellectually accountable for their practice.

Course Duration and Venue

The programme will be offered on a part-time basis over two academic years. The course will run in UCC, in the main campus, on one evening per week (Wednesdays, normally 7pm-10pm) and approximately 10 (weekend) days each year from September to May.

Programme Modules—Year One

AD1882 Human Well-being
Objective: Students will have knowledge of human health-related needs and the means by which individuals, families and communities can enhance their physical, mental and social well-being.

AP1884 Lifespan Developmental Psychology
Objective: Students will have knowledge of life-span developmental psychology and of the psychology of death and bereavement.

AD1881 Human Relationships, Sexuality and Parenting
Objective: Students will have knowledge of psychological and sociological perspectives on human relationships, sexuality and parenting.

AD1020 The Study of Human Beings
Objective: Students will have knowledge of a range of theoretical perspectives on the origins and distinctive characteristics of human beings derived from both physical and social/cultural anthropology.

AD 1868: Intro to Academic Writing
Objective: Producing structured, coherent assignments (reflective learning journals and essays); developing arguments and counter arguments; applying standard conventions relating to referencing, use of quotations and compiling a bibliography.

AD1883 Health-related Social Policy
Objective: Students will have knowledge of different understandings of health and health inequalities, as well as of related models of health promotion and approaches to social policy.

Programme Modules—Year Two

AP2857 Group Facilitation – Theory and Approaches
Objective: Students will have knowledge of approaches to group facilitation that contribute to the promotion of human well-being and social justice.

AD2854 Adult Education – Theory and Approaches
Objective: Students will have knowledge of educational approaches that contribute to the promotion of human well-being and social justice.

SS2858 Human Rights and Social Justice

Objective: Students will have knowledge of alternative conceptions of human rights and social justice and how these shape public policy and international law.

SS2859 The Governance of Human Affairs
Objective: Students will have knowledge of the theoretical understandings of the potential of human beings to achieve social justice through political means.

AD2855 One-to-One Interventions – Theory and Approaches
Objective: Students will have knowledge of one-to-one interventions that contribute to the promotion of human well-being and social justice.

AD2856 Theory and Practice
Objective: Students will be able to integrate the theoretical elements of the course into their practice and identify appropriate pathways for the future development and application of their knowledge.

Entry Requirements:

Candidates must be at least 21 years of age by 1st January of year of application

Hold Leaving Certificate or QQI Level 5 or an equivalent qualification

Be a practitioner in personal or social development (or both)

Have undertaken practice-oriented training

Those who have undertaken The SHEP Certificate in Facilitation or Specialised Practitioner Training with The Social and Health Education Project will be at an advantage. At the discretion of the Board of Studies, candidates may be admitted who have not undergone prior training, but show demonstrable commitment to (e.g. accredited prior learning/experiential learning), and prior engagement with, the facilitation of processes of personal or social change.  These candidates will be asked to attend for interview.

Closing Date for applications: to be confirmed – most likely late August or Early September 2017

English Language Requirement

All candidates whose first language is not English must have attained IELTS Level 6 or the equivalent TOEFL score.

Course Qualifications & Progression

Candidates who successfully complete Year One may opt not to proceed to Year Two and may exit the programme with a Certificate in Social and Psychological Health Studies (NFQ Level 6 – Minor). On successful completion of Year Two, participants will be awarded a Diploma in Social and Psychological Health Studies (NFQ Level 7 – Minor). Holders of the Diploma in Social and Psychological Health Studies may apply for a 15 credit non-subject specific exemption from UCC’s BA (Level 8) degree programme.

Course Fee

Fees for the first academic year (2017-18) were €995.

For Further information:

Contact : Jim Sheehan, Director, SHEP (021) 4666180  or email: jim.sheehan@socialandhealth.com

or Ms Norma Browne, Course Coordinator, Centre for Adult Continuing Education, UCC. email: norma.browne@ucc.ie

 To apply

Applications will be made directly to UCC. Please visit: http://www.ucc.ie/en/study/ace/

What recent course participants have said

  • This was the most interesting course I ever participated in. You will not regret this experience.
  • This course was engaging, enlightening and interesting, I would like to be starting it again.
  • The course is an opportunity for growth. Challenging yet fulfilling, very engaging and a worthwhile learning experience.
  • Thoroughly recommend it but know in advance you’ll gain more than knowledge.
  • Really found myself growing in understanding the world I live in. Have better grasp of how we are individually.
  • Encourages critical thinking – gives abroad perspective in society from the macro to micro level.
  • One of the best gifts I have ever given to myself, if you have any interest in this course – go for it.