The aim of SHEP Earth Aware is to help to provide opportunities and encouragement for people who are involved with SHEP, and also for people in the wider community,

  • to deepen their experience and appreciation of nature, and of themselves as part of it
  • to deepen their understanding and appreciation of natural systems and of the web of life
  • to explore some of the ways humans have seen their relationship to the rest of the natural world, and the different stories, symbols, values and taken-for-granted assumptions that shape and make sense of that relationship
  • to face the reality of what is currently happening in the world, both to people and to the wider web of life, and the role that modern economic systems, and the cultural assumptions embedded in them, play in what is happening
  • to explore their reaction to what is happening to the earth and its people, and find constructive ways of responding,
  • to explore and support ways in which they, as individuals, as members of the SHEP community, as members of other communities of various kinds, and as citizens on a local, national, and international level, might deepen their cherishing of the earth and its people and contribute to constructive change
  • to build partnerships and collaborations with other groups working to achieve any or all of these aims.