Shep community choir is open to new members for our 8 summer sessions 2022. No auditions. Just bring your voice and enjoy.  We follow natural voice principles. Pat Sheehan Corbett , our fantastic choir leader continues to

Inspire us, creating beautiful music with our voices.

Read more about the Natural Voice Network here.,judgmental%20communities%20that%20sing%20together.

It has been proven that singing supports our physical and emotional health and well being , creates community and connection and can even impact on social and climate injustice; through social inclusion and intercultural awareness to activism: Sing for Water is one example of a campaign we supported prior to the pandemic. We hope to do more.

We sing in the Ursulines Secondary School in Blackrock, Cork on Thursday evenings with a zoom option if needed. Please click below or contact for an application form . You can also contact Deirdre at if you have any questions . Singing together has so many benefits. Go on . Give it a try . 🎶🎶

Apllication here >>