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– MID- WEST (Limerick,Clare, Tipperary) Regions –

Step 2.  – Please review the apropriate funding streams for your circumstances

  • Please choose Tab A in Step 3 if you are paying for a full fees place (€100).

For the full fee option, the applicant pays all of the fee themselves.

Payment plans are available from the accounts dept. (accounts@socialandhealth.com)

Payment can be made via the SHEP website or bank transfer, all major credit and debit cards excepted.

  • Please select Tab B in Step 3 if you are choosing to apply for a reduced fee place (50€).

Eligibility for a reduced fee place is for individuals who are:

1) In full-time education and experiencing financial difficulties

2) Experiencing financial hardship

3) On a social welfare payment (See list of qualifying social welfare payments on following link >> PLEASE READ – Reduced fee and funded places notes above.<< )

If you need assistance in any way to complete this form or further information please phone (021) 466 6180

Step 3  – Select chosen funding ‘Tab’ and fill out form

Full Fee Place Application Form SHEP Cert in Personal Development (€100)

    Reduced Fee – Application Form – SHEP Cert in Personal Development (€50)

    Before proceeding with your application please read the funded/reduced fee notes above.

      Applicants Name:

      Your Address:

      Home Phone No:

      Mobile No:


      Date of Birth:

      Occupation(If Applicable):

      Emergency Contact Name:

      Emergency Contact No:

      Briefly outline what is your interest in applying for this course?

      How did you hear about this course?

      Have you completed any previous courses on any aspect of health-education, personal development or group work? Please specify:

      Do you have any special needs or medical conditions that we should be aware of for practical purposes? Please specify:

      Are there any additional supports you need to participate in this course?

      Is there any other information about yourself that you would like SHEP to know?

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