Staff Team: Current Opportunities

We have no vacancies at present on the staff team.

The Social and Health Education Project CLG is an Equal Opportunities Employer

Selection of Facilitators, Trainers, Tutors & Counsellors/Psychotherapists

SHEP is supported in the delivery of our extensive training programme by a team of SHEP Facilitators who are involved on a contract-for-service basis.

SHEP’s Community Education for Health & Well-being is delivered by a team of over 100 Community Tutors who are trained by the Project. Training as a Tutor with SHEP involves completing the Project’s two foundation courses, the SHEP Certificate in Facilitation, successful completion of at least one SHEP Tutor Training course, and successful completion of at least one SHEP apprenticeship.

SHEP’s Coiscéim Low-Cost Counselling Programme is supported by a team of over 100 pre-accredited and accredited counsellors/psychotherapists. From time to time there are opportunities to join the team. If you are interested please refer to the Counselling Section of this website.