SHEP has a shared vision for a better, more equitable and just future. Building positive relationships is a key feature of our work.  Our project aims to have a truly holistic approach which acknowledges the wealth of connections that exist among individuals, families, communities and countries. By developing respectful relationships with like-minded organisations we believe we will learn from and support each other and increase our collective potential to bring about positive change. From SHEP’s perspective, this solidarity firmly roots our justice-oriented community work in a global context.

Our partnership with Sahakarmi Samaj is a partnership of equals. It is a learning partnership whereby both organisations learn from and benefit from the partnership. The relationship is characterised by mutual respect, an openness to learning from each other, and a shared deep commitment to addressing inequalities and disadvantage.

Over the coming years SHEP intends to continue and deepen our partnership with Sahakarmi Samaj.