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Hello Everyone. We are doing our best to help halt the virus and to keep the project work going as best we can. This is a time for great community effort and solidarity. For the next few weeks we will use an on-line approach with our core training groups. We have postponed short courses  and our on-going development programme for the moment. Our office remains open but many staff will be working from home.  We will keep things under close review. Thank you for your support and patience. Jim Sheehan & team

Short Courses

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SHEP offers an extensive range of short courses in health and well-being. No special prior qualifications are needed and people from all sorts of […]

Intensive Training

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The main thing you need to train with SHEP is a willingness to draw on your own experience of life. SHEP’s unique core Training Programme  […]


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Would you like to avail of counselling but feel you can’t afford it? We can help. Counselling helps an individual to explore concerns and feelings in […]


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Do you need extra support to access your rights and entitlements? SHEP’s Cork Advocacy Service may be able to assist you. Cork Advocacy Service […]

Our mission is to help people with a range of integrated personal, community, environmental and international development initiatives.

SHEP Earth Aware

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The Initiative is based on love for this beautiful planet of ours and on concern about how human actions, and especially our […]

International Partnership

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In 2007 SHEP entered into a learning partnership with the Nepalese organisation Sahakarmi Samaj, a community development organisation […]

Supporting Organisations

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SHEP offers customised facilitation or specialised technical support to communities, organisations and groups, subject to resources  […]