The SHEP  team spans across many different disciplines. Counselling, Training & Development, Envoirmental action and awareness, Advocacy and an International partnership to name but a few.  The team brings a wealth of experience to the project allowing SHEPs mission in the world to grow and flourish.

Abigail Joffe
Abigail JoffeInternational Learning Partnership Co-ordinator
With a degree in Development, Abigail coordinates a learning partnership between SHEP and its sister organisation Sahakarmi Samaj basd in
Kohalpur Nepal.

Abigail resides in West Kerry and is a keen Artist, Musician, Facilitator and Parent.

Aleksandra Rogulska
Aleksandra Rogulska Finance Manager
Aleksandra Rogulska is a Polish native, she adopted Ireland as her home almost two decades ago. She is an accountant and SHEP’s ‘purse holder’ .

Aleks is well known for positive upbeat memes attached to her email correspondence. On days off she’s loves Toastmasters, exploring new hiking trails with friends, or cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

Anita O Shea
Anita O SheaSHEP Limerick
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Carmel Savage
Carmel SavageCounselling Programmes Coordinator
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Deirdre Lilis
Deirdre LilisAdvocacy Co-ordinator
Deirdre has been working as an advocate for 28 years and has been working for SHEP since 2009. She co-ordinates the SHEP Advocacy Project. Together with a small team of trained advocates, she works to support people who are struggling to get their voices heard.

Deirdre lives in County Cork by the sea and loves the spot she calls home . She also loves gardening and swimming.

Dee O Sullivan
Dee O Sullivan Training and Developement Officer
Dee, a Kerry native has trained as a psychotherapist at the MTU. Her primary role is coordinator of SHEPs flageship course ‘ Cert in Personal developement’ in the Kerry region.

Dees is avid walker in the beautiful surrounds of the South Kerry Region

Eilish O'Hanlon
Eilish O'HanlonTraining and Development Officer
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Gerlaldine Flanagan
Gerlaldine FlanaganProgramme Adminstrator
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Jess Bowen
Jess BowenTraining Support Officer
Jessie works in both the Training and Development and Advocacy Programmes in SHEP and feels passionate about social justice and equality. She is a Trainer, Facilitator and Advocate. Jessie started her journey with the Project in 2001 and has since joined the team in a staff role.

Jessie enjoys socializing, long walks in nature, swimming and gardening.

Jim Sheehan
Jim Sheehan Director
Jim has been the Director of SHEP since 2009. He is particularly interested in lifelong learning, social inclusion and community development.

He lives in Boherbue in Duhallow, though is originally from the Mitchelstown area. He is a keen gardener and loves cooking and travelling

Justyna Jegeir
Justyna JegeirFinance Officer
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Liam Mccarthy : rogue Agent
Liam Mccarthy : rogue AgentTitle : Unsure
Claims to be from Limerick suspiciously enough in conjunction with recent hurling successes by that county. (This has yet to be confirmed)
Lorraine Vercuiel
Lorraine Vercuiel
Maria Young
Maria YoungEarth Aware Co-ordinator
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Nuala Burke
Nuala BurkeReferral Counsellor: Counselling Programme
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Robert O Herlihy
Robert O HerlihyCommunications & Technical support worker
Web Designer extraordinaire and reluctant social media guru – Robert started with SHEP this year with the basic remit to assist in communicating SHEP’s message to a wider community.

Further plans are also afoot to develop newer inhouse IT systems to assist the organisation function in a more efficent manner.

Sarah Harrington
Sarah HarringtonAdvocacy Support Worker
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Sheila Kelleher
Sheila KelleherReferral Officer: Coiscéim Counselling Programme
Sheila is first and foremost a human being but is also an art therapist and psychotherapist based in Cork. She is one of the Referral Counsellors in Cois Ceim and works on the child and adolescent side as well as with adults.

Sheila can often be found in the sea honing her skills as a mermaid. Outside that she enjoys land-based nature and the outdoors as well as creativity, connection and community.

Toufik Messabih
Toufik Messabih Lib Multicultural Programme Outreach Counsellor and Development Officer
Toufik coordinate Lib, a free counselling service for asylum seekers and refugees. Lib also offers personal development courses for adults and children. He feels strongly about social justice, dignity and freedom.

Born in France he’s also proud of his Algerian roots. Coming from the wonderful region of Franche-Comté on the border with Switzerland, with great gastronomy, brilliant outdoor activities and wonderful people.

Sabrina Moris
Sabrina MorisRelationships in Practice: Training Coordinator and Office Administrator
Sabrina is the training coordinator/administrator for the Relationships in Practice programme. With a degree in Child Development and a Masters in Children and Youth Studies, she is passionate about supporting quality relationships in practice.

Originally from California, Sabrina moved to Dublin six years ago and has now settled into life in Cork. She enjoys travelling and exploring new cultures, in fact she has travelled solo to 11 European countries.

Niamh Kelleher
Niamh KelleherCork Equal and Sustainable Communities Alliance (CESCA) Coordinator
Niamh Kelleher has a background in law, advocacy and health inequalities. She is the Coordinator of the Cork Equal and Sustainable Communities Alliance (CESCA), a social justice alliance of 18 community organisations in Cork, currently hosted by SHEP.

Niamh loves to spend time reading, occasionally writing and spending time in nature, but has yet to master the craft of gardening!