SHEP Leadership Course

Leadership for Living (& Social Action)


‘Doing this course gave me so many practical skills that I could immediately apply to my work and it gave me the confidence to aim higher with my career goals’.


The overall aim of this programme is to support passionate and motivated  people to reach their personal potential and to enable them to be better equipped to contribute  in a positive way to social well-being.

There are five main areas of exploration:

  • Foundations of Leadership for Living & Social Action
  • Personal Leadership
  • Approaches and Skills for Leading Groups Creatively
  • The Practical Application of Leadership
  • Reflective Practice for Leadership

Next Course:

Because of the COVID19 pandemic we are not offering this  SHEP course in 2021. We are exploring the possiblity of offering this course again in late 2021 to commence in Spring 2022.