Hello from SHEP.

Summer is approaching and we have two final workshops in our Spring On-Going Development Programme.  The first one is scheduled for Saturday May 25th – ‘A Day of Mindful Nourishment’.  Here are some comments from people who participated in this workshop in Kerry:

“Just a beautiful day”

“We need more workshops like this to improve … well-being”

“All aspects of this workshop were very relevant to everyday life.”

Please find details of the workshop below.

The last workshop in this series “Learning to Listen to the Body – an Introduction to Rosen Method Bodywork” will take place on Saturday 8th June.  Last year, we offered a brief taster morning and people wanted more!  The details are given below.  Please complete the application form attached and return it to SHEP as soon as possible.

Mindful Nourishment – a one-day Workshop

with Shirley Copeland

Do you set the same health goals every year and meet the same obstacles around living a happier, healthier life?

Maybe it’s a good time to re-visit your goals and approach them from a different starting point and with a softer, kinder approach.

During the workshop we’ll gently explore

  • Our relationship with food – WHY we eat rather than WHAT we eat
  • More ways to feel nourished and fulfilled
  • Our patterns and habits
  • Our triggers and explore how to respond differently

There will be group activities, short guided meditations, mindful eating and deep relaxation.


Shirley Copeland has brought together more than 30 years’ experience  to help people to transform their relationship with food and their bodies in a gentle, self-compassionate way. She trained in Vegetarian and medicinal cooking in the 80’s and has been teaching cooking and creating delicious food for people since then. She has studied complementary therapies as well as Health & Wellness Coaching. She has been teaching Mindfulness in the Kitchen for many years to people in Ireland (including at the SHEP Mindfulness Retreats on Cape Clear) and in Plum Village, France.

Date: Saturday May 25th from 10.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.

Venue: Training Room 1, SHEP Centre, Ballincollig

Cost: €30


Learning to listen to the body – an Introduction to Rosen Method Bodywork day-long workshop with Íde O’Carroll.

Experience this unique path to physical and emotional well-being through embodied self awareness. Discover the points of holding in the body, where tension resides.  Begin to sense the body’s response when attention is paid to these points of holding.

In Rosen Method Bodywork, healing comes from within the client, supported by the practitioner’s touch, words and presence.

Rosen Method Bodywork (RMB) involves gentle, direct touch to:

  • Relax muscle tension and chronic holding
  • Increase flexibility and vitality
  • Deepen physical and emotional awareness

For further information see: www.rosenmethodopencenter.com

The session will include an introduction to Rosen Method Bodywork, demonstrations of the method and a practicum, where you can get a sense of the work.  There will also be opportunities for group discussion.

For the past eight years, Íde B. O’Carroll has trained as a RM bodyworker with the Rosen Method Open Center, USA and has worked with clients each summer in Lismore, Co. Waterford. At other times of the year she has a practice in Amherst, Massachusetts.

When: Saturday 8th June, 2019. 10.00 – 4.00 p.m.

Where: SHEP Centre, Ballincollig

Cost: €30