No, a referral letter is not necessary. However, your G.P. or some other health care professional may recommend that you ring Coisceim.


In extreme circumstances confidentiality might be broken without your consent, for example if a counsellor believes you might be at risk of seriously harming yourself or someone else.  Another example would include concern for a child and child protection procedures.  This information will be explained further at your first meeting with your counsellor.


All personal information is treated in the strictest confidence. Coiscéim Staff – who are all trained counsellors and all Counsellors on the panelare ethically bound to practise in accordance with the Code of Ethics of his/her professional organisation and the ethos and policies of Coiscéim. In the unlikely event, information about you or your attendance at counselling can only be given with your written consent.

  • In Regular Supervision
  • Fully Insured
  • Working by the Code of Ethics of their professional counselling associations

Coiscéim Counsellors are based in different locations throughout Cork, City & County & Kerry. Our referral counsellor will discuss with you your preferred location when choosing a counsellor for you.

Due to demand on the service at present it will take six to eight weeks to match you with your counsellor. In cases of extreme urgency referrals can be made immediately. The degree of urgency will be assessed by our referral counsellor during consultation with you.

  1. On calling our office on (021)-4666180 or (087)-7998602 your name and number will be taken.
  2. Our referral counsellor will call you back and take some details to help her to refer you to a counsellor who would best suit your needs. Together you will agree a fee that you can afford.
  3. She will then give your name and the agreed fee to the counsellor allocated to you.
  4. She will then call you back with the name and number of your counsellor who will be expecting a call from you. When you make contact you set up your appointment time together.
  • Coiscéim Service counsellors operate a sliding scale of fees.
  • Is based on people’s ability to pay.
  • Fees will be set in discussion with the Coiscéim Referral Counsellor.
  • weekly – each session lasting one hour
  • on a short term (three to six sessions) or on an open ended basis
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