Cork Advocacy Service is only possible through the involvement of volunteers.

The role of our volunteer advocates is to give time to listen to people’s concerns and work out, with them, how advocacy can support them or help them to support themselves. It is based on building a relationship of loyalty and trust and confidentiality. It can involve access to information on rights and entitlements. If required and requested advocates can assist people to fill out forms, write letters, accompany people to important appointments or meetings. In some cases advocates can represent people when they cannot represent themselves.

Those who volunteer with CAS find that the commitment is fulfilling. They value being a member of a team of people with similar values. They also find that the regular team and supervision meetings are very helpful.

Volunteering as an advocate with SHEP is an opportunity for people who have successfully completed SHEP’s Introduction to Advocacy course to put their learning into practice. It may suit people who wish to give something to their community through providing supports to others on a one-to-one or group basis.

If you are interested in volunteering with SHEP as an advocate you would need to:

  1. Share SHEP’s vision and the principles of advocacy outlined above.
  2. Successfully complete SHEP’s Advocacy Training Course (or equivalent).
  3. Prepare an application and, if shortlisted, attend a selection interview.
  4. Have shown a commitment to the values of advocacy or have shown a commitment to working with people dealing with disability or difficulties of ageing.
  5. Have the capacity to work in this complex and sometimes demanding role.
  6. Be willing to volunteer up to one half-day per week during day time hours, on an on-going basis
  7. Undergo garda vetting