Art by Fiona Devlin

Reflecting the growth and development of project over the decades, SHEP now has eleven key areas of work.

In each of these areas we have identified a strategic objective to guide our work for our work over the next three years:

  1. Personal Development Training– We will maintain current levels of training in personal development whilst providing support for the recently increased personal development work in Kerry and Limerick.
  2. Social Awareness and Community Empowerment– We will increase provision of Social Awareness and Community Empowerment training by providing courses every second year in Kerry or Limerick whilst maintaining current levels of provision in Cork.
  3. Training Facilitators to work in the Community – We will further develop SHEP’s programme to train tutors, volunteer advocates and volunteer facilitators including, where possible, seeking appropriate external accreditation.
  4. Additional Accredited Training– We will increase the range of externally accredited training courses available at SHEP whilst continuing to offer SHEP-accredited, non-assessed experiential training at Foundation level in the Core Training Programme.
  5. Community Education for Health and Well-being– We will develop the community education programme by incorporating the learning from the 2011 external evaluation, increasing the number of active tutors, diversifying the range of courses, and provide additional supports/resources to the programme in Kerry.
  6. Low-Cost Counselling – We will continue to offer a range of low-cost counselling and other therapeutic supports, whilst prioritising one-to-one counselling for those most in need.
  7. Advocacy for Vulnerable Individuals and Communities – We will continue the development of Cork Advocacy Service (CAS) as a pioneering, independent, volunteer-resourced advocacy project whilst increasing our training of volunteer advocates.
  8. Supporting Communities, Groups and Organisations – Time and resources permitting, we will continue to respond to requests from groups and organisations whilst prioritising those which provide psychological/therapeutic supports to clients.
  9. International Learning Partnership– We will consolidate work with Sahakarmi Samaj, our partner NGO in Nepal, with support from Irish Aid and Kerkinactie and identify one, additional partner.
  10. Supporting Participation & Influencing Policy  – We will explore ways to support fuller participation and to inform policy development.
  11. Strengthening Organisational Effectiveness– We will improve the impact of our work for participants and clients though further enhancing our own effectiveness as a community-based training and development organisation.