SHEP’s vision is a socially just world, where all people live in dignity, where we cherish and celebrate each other and ourselves, and where the integrity of the earth is honoured.

The mission of The Social and Health Education Project was revised in 2009 following a highly participative visioning process:

Our Core Values

Recognising the challenge, process and opportunity of our work, we value respect, equality, empowerment, honesty, acceptance, initiative, creativity and compassion.

We believe in:

  • The dignity of each person
  • The potential of individuals and communities to grow and transform
  • The intelligence, capabilities and creativity of each person
  • The reality of human struggles and vulnerabilities
  • The importance of building good relationships and making heart connections
  • The interdependence of personal well-being and community well-being
  • Social justice

We are committed to:

  • Working in empowering ways
  • Promoting inclusiveness and opposing unjust discrimination
  • Facilitating reflective inclusive spaces
  • Working in ways which promote the integrity of the natural environment
  • Being flexible and responsive to emerging needs

These values underpin the way in which we intend to deliver our services.

Our Main Themes

Three themes run though all aspects of our work in SHEP to promote individual and community health and well-being.