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Established in 1974, SHEP is an Irish, community-based, not-for-profit, training and development organisation dedicated to promoting personal, community and social well-being. We support a holistic approach to well-being, emphasising self-awareness, connecting with others for social justice, and care of the planet we share with others. Our key areas of work include: a unique Training Programme based on experiential group-work approaches; Low-cost CounsellingAdvocacy; providing specialist supports to community organisations; earth awareness and International Partnership.   The invitation is always there to get involved with us in some way. We hope you find this website helpful. Please feel free to contact us by phone (021) 4666180 or by email.

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Training Courses

Training and Development

The main thing you need to train with SHEP is a willingness to draw on your own experience of life. SHEP’s unique core Training Programme comprises five main elements …

low cost counselling

Low-cost Counselling

Would you like to avail of counselling but feel you can’t afford it? We can help. Counselling helps an individual to explore concerns and feelings in a safe and …


Cork Advocacy Service

Do you need extra support to access your rights and entitlements? SHEP’s Cork Advocacy Service may be able to assist you. Cork Advocacy Service (CAS) is an …

short courses

Short Courses

SHEP offers an extensive range of short courses in health and well-being. No special prior qualifications are needed and people from all sorts of backgrounds attend …

international partners

International Partnership

Evaluation Report 2016

In 2007 SHEP entered into a learning partnership with the Nepalese organisation Sahakarmi Samaj, a community development organisation that has worked …


Supporting Organisations

SHEP offers customised facilitation or specialised technical support to communities, organisations and groups, subject to resources being available …

SHEP Earth Aware

The Initiative is based on love for this beautiful planet of ours and on concern about how human actions, and especially our …

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