Each year SHEP offers a spring and autumn programme of short training courses and workshops intended for core training course participants and graduates, members of the Association of Friends, and specialised practitioners. These offer further opportunities for personal development work, for development of social awareness and understanding of social justice, and for the refreshment or enhancement of facilitation skills.

SHEP’s On-going Development Programme   Spring 2017

Sing Your Heart Out!- An evening workshop with Pat Sheehan Corbett Wed 24th May.

This workshop draws on the Natural Voice approach.  All Natural Voice practitioners believe that everyone can sing.  The voice begins from the body and the breath.  Songs are learnt by ear, and harmony is an essential part of the singing.  Fun is a given!  The aim here is to support our mental health and well-being through song. Please contact the SHEP office on 021-4666180 for more information or to book a place on this evening workshop.

When:    Wed. 24th May 2017  from 7.00 p.m. to 10.00 p.m.

Where:  Training Room 2, SHEP Centre, Ballincollig.

Cost:      €10


The Transformation Game – a weekend workshop with Noel Bradley

Would you like help to explore some issue in depth or effect some transformation in your life? ‘The Transformation Game’ offers you the opportunity of doing this. Mirroring the inner journey of life, the process invites people to explore aspects of their lives. It can enable participants to identify their gifts and strengths, to explore their intuitive abilities and to face blocks that hinder their psychological and spiritual development. The process enables you to develop trust in yourself and in others and in the movements and inspirations that you experience.
Dr. Noel Bradley is an experienced facilitator and counsellor who has been involved in training community leaders and in personal and spiritual growth work for more than thirty years. He has worked as a trainer in SHEP’s Social Awareness & Community Empowerment course for many years. He trained in this ‘Transformation Game’ process in Findhorn.

When:    Sat. 25th & Sun. 26th March 2017  from 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. both days.

Where:  Training Room 3, SHEP Centre, Ballincollig.

Cost:      €70

Intercultural Awareness – a day-long workshop with Maureen Sheehy

The day on Intercultural training will be participative and interactive and will aim to help participants –

  • reflect on one’s own cultural identity
  • consider intercultural communication styles and how one’s own style differs from that of others and the implications of this if one is working/training in an intercultural setting
  • explore differences in cultural values and beliefs and how these affect our behaviour, judgements and interaction with others who are different
  • intercultural theory will be offered where appropriate


Why participate in this workshop?

544,357 non-Irish people of 199 nationalities were resident in Ireland during the April 2011 census. Statistics for the last census are not yet available. The population of the Irish Republic is approximately 4.5 million. So one ninth of our present population were born elsewhere.

“Ireland has become an increasingly diverse society over the past decade and the different nationalities that make up the population of Ireland have an increasingly important impact on the economy and society,” said Deirdre Cullen, Senior Statistician at the Central Statistics Office (CSO).

Maureen Sheehy has worked as a trainer for SHEP for over 20 years. Her background is in education and communications. She worked in Africa for eight years and has worked briefly in several countries.  She is also a trainer with Partners Training for Transformation.  As part of that group, she and others gathered and developed resources and engaged in intercultural work with community groups, organisations and intercultural groups in both Ireland and elsewhere. This eventually led to the publication of an intercultural training manual ‘Partners’ Intercultural Companion to Training for Transformation’. During this intercultural training day she will be drawing from many of these resources.

When: Saturday 1st April 2017 10.00 a.m. – 5.30 p.m.

Where: Training Room 1,   SHEP Centre, Ballincollig

Cost: €25


Embodiment and Empowerment – a 10- week course with Clair Lalor

Our sense of security lies in, or is anchored by, a felt sense – the feeling of ourselves in our bodies.  This course explores our connection to our felt sense of our body, its sensations, and responses on a physical level.  In doing so, we will also become aware of how we experience the emotional, and mental aspects of our being and our experience of living. Through exercises and visualizations from somatic movement, early developmental patterns, yoga and authentic movement we will explore what our own experiences are from “inside “ the body and the special awareness we have to see ourselves from outside and moving in the spaces between ourselves and others.

Clair Lalor is a somatic movement educator and therapist, a yoga teacher (BWY), SHEP tutor & trainer, sensorimotor trauma therapist, and shiatsu therapist. She also trained in process-oriented psychotherapy for 10 years.


When:    Thursdays 7.30 p.m. – 10.00 p.m.  10 weeks.

                April 6th – June 8th 2017


Where:  Training Room 2, SHEP Centre, Ballincollig


Cost:       €90



Embodied Presence: First Steps –  Weekend Workshop With Caitríona Nic Ghiollaphádraig

“Now I become myself.

It’s taken Time, many years and places;

I have been dissolved and shaken,

Worn other people’s faces….”

May Sarton

Our experience of life is not random. We are continually selecting and organising our experience with or without conscious awareness. The opportunity offered in Embodied Brain/Embodied Presence is to take the first steps to becoming aware of some of our habits or the faces of others we have worn in our lives. Through the 5Rhythms Movement Meditation Practice and basic brain information, we will begin to make the changes needed to begin to wear “our own face” in a positive, vital and healthy life. On Saturday, in addition to exploring through movement, there will be a teaching on how our brain functions. We will learn how our habitual behaviours set in, and how it is possible to change them. On Sunday we apply this learning to a habit we would like to change, using movement as our basic tool for exploration. (Please note that this workshop is not a substitute for therapy so it is important to have good support in place to participate in this challenging work.)

Caitríona Nic Ghiollaphádraig is a very experienced facilitator/leader of 5 Rhythms movement workshops.  She has led workshops throughout the country for many years.  Once again, SHEP is delighted to welcome her back to SHEP and to Cork.

When:    Saturday 27th May & Sunday 28th May 2017  10.00  a.m. – 5.00 p.m.

Where:  To be confirmed

Cost:       €70







To book a place on these courses and workshops, please complete the booking form and return it to The Social and Health Education  Project, Ballincollig (Tel 021-4666180).  Courses will be allocated in order of receipt of application form & fee.  Please note that once a place has been offered, fees are not refundable.